We don’t want to solve problems…

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When you create a Startup, it always happens you have to answer to the following question: what problem are you solving?

Is this the right question? Does an innovative company solve problems? If I have a blocked pipe the plumber will solve the problem, if you have a flat tire the tire dealer will solve the problem or if I have a math problem the calculator surely will help me.

An innovator, in my opinion, does not try to solve any problem. I mean at the end it brings humanity forward and at the very end it solves a lot of problems but at the beginning, the innovator the real one, does not think on ‘problem solving’ but he imagines a new world, he put himself in a new inconceivable perspective trying to understand what he ‘sees’ or hear.

Albert Einstein in one of his greatest discoveries put himself on a ray of light trying to imagine the world from that perspective, what he has seen was inconceivable; from that new world, Einstein understood that the time was not constant but variable and the mass was equal to the energy.

By questioning classical mechanics Einstein has also generated a lot of problems (incredible! he has generated problems instead of solving them) in the scientific community of that time, far from the modern Startup/Innovation expectation. Only after years, physicists have demonstrated what Einstein has seen tens of years ago from that miraculous ray of light.

Maybe real innovators generate problems instead of solving them, maybe they do not solve problems but simply imagine new worlds on a ray of light. I hope, for all of us, to find a curiosity path able to bring us, every day, in a new world.