The kingdom is among you but we don’t ear it yet

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Slack launches Huddles, Discord-like audio calls you can hop in and out of”

Can you see (or better ear) it:
#podcasts (if you’ve never listened one, start today)
#Clubhouse (the Zoom without video with no business model and barely an app with more 100M USD funds and evaluated 1B$)
#Facebook (introducing rooms, podcast, soundbite)
#voiceassistants (now also my Father has Alexa as a ‘friend’ in the house)
#airpods (having more revenues than several big tech companies)
#ASMR (Have you ever wondered why YouTuber Zach Choi has 11 million subscribers?

It is an approaching wave. I personally like the sea with waves, as long as they are not too dangerous, waves that allow you to have fun and I believe that this one that is coming will allow many to have fun while others will be overwhelmed.

How long will it take before all of this has an impact on advertising? I don’t mean the Radio/Podcast-like communication or advertising but the pure Sound concept where the sound brings emotions and brand identity, and all of us know how the sound is powerful on this because it is above any language and any culture, inclusive by nature.

What is the only #solution worldwide with this Sound identity and much more? It is #soundsofthings of course and yes, we do have a great business model!