SoundsOfThings vs ClubHouse

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Probably this challenge is about Sound Communication VS streaming voice chat room.

Recently I receive the following kind of feedback about SoundsOfThigns: what is the difference with Clubhouse, the new rising social media based on audio?

I instinctively thought of rugby clubhouses, places full of stories and testosterone but later, I’ve found a lot of people talking about this Clubhouse ‘revolution’ promoted to the sound of Millions $.

People are enthusiastic because you need to be invited to join this revolution and a lot of influencers, celebrities and famous people are already in (by the way we did the same in 2018 but with just 10€ of budget this thing ‘oddly’ didn’t go viral; here is when talk about this strategy in 2018).

Clubhouse is like Zoom just with audio, or Whatsapp group messaging just with voice plus live interaction or the evolution of the Radio concept but again with interaction. Clubhouse has limited infrastructure and application, no revenue a no business model but, this was not an issue for investors that have provided them 12M$ just to start in 2020 and 100M$ now with an incredible (and maybe not credible) 1B$ evaluation. So, what is the difference between us and Clubhouse? This is summarized in one slide.

Often people around SoundsOfThings say to me “this is not a project for Italy, you need to go in California”; it is true, probably in Italy there are many “the perfect startup investor” manual readers (don’t look for it it’s invented!) only disguised as investors able to explain to you what has already been successful, anyway it would still be nice to be able to dispel this fact and become the first social network with global impact born in Italy; to date, to do that, as far as we are concerned and after the execution from 2017, it is only a matter to execute the next plan to grow the community. I still believe we can do this starting from Italy but we are ready to go everywhere!