SoundsOfThings: the sound social media

With the Soundsofthings app you can:
listen to users content exploring and guessing what the sound contains
create content telling your day with the sound
Talk: share your content with all the community or just with your friends
Discover sound content in your town or wherever you are while travelling
Take part: find the closest Sound Village around you creating sound content inside it
What is interesting in an image? Colours, geometry, shapes and
every other visual detail; is it possible to get excited exploring the same details in sound?


SoundsOfThings has designed a Social Network based on Audio content. It is also an audio-based advertising platform with geo-localised content. Through SoundsOfThings, people socialise using the Sound Emotion, and companies interact with users and potential customers using the Sound Villages. The Sound Emotion is the audio-based content, and the Sound Village is how brands run their campaigns.

The App

(to get access to the social) 

Sound Village Portal

(business portal)

Composer portal

(the new influencer)

Advertising spend on audio channels is growing; it is important to reiterate that the concept of SoundsOfThings is different from describing a product with words (like in the Radio or podcasts), it instead represents a new way of representing a logo or a product with sounds.

Podcast Advertising Revenues Will Surpass $1 Billion by 2021

In SoundsOfThings, brands create Sound Villages in the Sound Village portal

Sound Villages are avalable in app

Nutella Sound Village in Manhattan

(click to play)

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A Sound Village is a place full of special GPS Sound Emotions (gpSEs). This kind of content can be listened to only at the place where it has been created, and this will create a digital to the physical link. In a world where the digital is increasingly augmenting reality in many ways, SoundsOfThings is adding a creative sound layer to that innovation.

Any social media network exists because of user-generated content.

We at SoundsOfThings believe that the business model of social media must be based on a circular economy. In this model, the users themselves become sellers as well as buyers of the content. SoundsOfThings is the first platform where: a user can obtain a profit, producing Sound Emotions and interacting with Sound Villages.

The Sharing dimension: Sound Emotion (SE) NFT Exchange

The SoundsOfThings economy

Soundsofthings is the new world, a new world made of communication through the universal language of sound. In a reality augmented with sound, we have an ecosystem of actions and behaviours that create a new economy.  This new economy needs a currency.

In SoundsOfThings we have two digital tokens on the blockchain

The Sound Coin (SOC): the tradable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) linked to Sound Emotions and soundtracks

The Sound Token (SOT): a fungible token also on the Ethereum blockchain used as a medium of exchange in smart contract transactions.

Sounds Emotions may generates NFT and Brands will buy NFT to use Sound Emotion in their Sound Villages

Soundsofthings is now live worldwide; initially we have launched SoundsOfThings in Italy and the USA, in collaboration with two leading commercial partners:


  “Nutella Cafe New York Partners with SoundsOfThings to Host Immersive Late Nite Bites Event, Bringing the Cafe Experience to Life through Sound” NewYork Prnewswire

  “SoundsOfThings, une plateforme média sonore et révolutionnaire” // “SoundsOfThings, a revolutionary sound media platform”  Forbes  

  “I lavoratori del suono e un social che punta alla gig economy dell’ascolto” // “Sound workers and a social network that aims at the gig economy of listening” Milano Corriere della sera

  “SoT, la startup italiana che sfida Facebook scommette sui suoni: “Così superiamo le foto” // “SoT, the Italian startup that challenges Facebook, bets on sounds: This is how we overcome photos” Business Insider 

  “SoundsOfThings is preparing to launch the 2.0 version of its platform after announcing its Blockchain integration to protect intellectual property, digital rights and payments for users and composers. Fundraising will support ongoing development and scaling as SoundsOfThings begins its global reach.” CryptoBuzz