We are used to recognizing things visually, but everything has a sound inside

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SoundsOfThings (SoT)

is the Sound Social Network

Above any language and any culture, the sound is inclusive by nature


Sky channel 821 Business24 interview with the CEO of SoundsOfThings (subtitle in ENG)

Are you a company? Here's what we did with Nutella

“After thousands of years, the ear is taking the place of the eye” every brand will have an audio logo.

Nutella Cafe New York Partners with SoundsOfThings:  SoundsOfThings, a social network that describes the world and our experiences in it through sound, hosted a unique Late Nite Bites event at Nutella Cafe New York .


Below are the latest Sound Villages created by Eni gas and light in Milan and Nutella in New York. Visit these places, open the SoT app and create your first Sound Emotion inside the Sound Village.





















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