SoundsOfThings official launch

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I remember in 2016 when I’ve shared my presentation to a partner and in this presentation I’ve reported a piece by the Guardian “Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017”

The investor  replied to me asking to remove this reference to the Guardian article because “it will compromise your credibility with investors”.

Actually he was right but the reality is not black or white; after 3 years Facebook didn’t lose 80%  of their users (as foreseen by the guardian)  but maybe they are loosing several other things:

  1. appeal? to the new generation and it is becoming a generalist media; advertisers now prefers Instagram and the youngest generation are on Tik Tok.  
  2. credibility? 
  3. money? 

What is happening today is this , it seems like we in SoT have written this article; this is exactly what we have been developing  from almost 3 years and now we are live from November 12th. In SoundsOfThings there is much more than the Sound Advertising: when people will stop watching the screen of their phone because all of us will talk to them (very very soon) the visual advertising will die and SoundsOfThings may rise.

The app is in the stores for the Italian and UK markets now and we had an incredibile Italian Launch with Eni gas e luce (a Giant in the the energy sector) as first partner and Mario Fargetta (very famous DJ in Italy working in Radio DJ with more than 8M listener every day) and Juliana Moreira (very famous Show Girl in Italy, influencer with 700K followers in the social network ) as ambassadors and testimonials. More than Eni gas e luce  we have also another client subscribing our business portal, this is Pardgroup spa a multinational company operating in the field retail marketing. Here some press releases in Italian for the moment:
All this was done with the funders personal funds and it was the perfect test bench before the international launch. Now we are looking for  private equity funds to support the International launch to be done from UK.