• Do you want to bring your audience in a special place where your brand expresses itself, involves and excites users, creating an experience accessible only to them?
      • Do you want to involve, excite and touch the deepest chords of your customers through a special and unique content? Create a Sound Emotion!

The frontier of visual has been overcome, the era of sound marketing begins!

Marketing and artistic creation meet themself in the Sound Village. Here the customer will have the opportunity to create his own Sound Emotions or he can search and listen to those create by your brand. And then became a real sound hunter.

The Global Sound Village is the absolute novelty in terms of marketing: a place that can only be virtual or physical and real, where you can make the soul of your brand ring out.

And the Sound Emotion is its beating heart.

The Sound Villages and the contents created within them, the Sound Emotion (SE), are able to unveil the most hidden, sincere, original nuances of your brand. A mix of sounds, vibrations, emotions, noises and much much more.

SoundsOfThings is a powerful and innovative marketing tool that, through the Sounds Emotion, goes through the deepest and most authentic spheres of the user, involving it completely, as only the sounds can do.

What are you waiting for?

Create now your own Sound Village!



In SoundsOfThings the advertising campaigns are Sound Villages!

How can you access?

      1. Download the SoT app
      2. Use your credentials to sign up to the Sound Village Portal
      3. Wait for confirmation by e-mail

and now CREATE your first Sound Village!

What is the Sound Village? It is a real and / or virtual place that will host users and Sound Emotion 

Your creativity is at the heart of SoundsOfThings.


The era of Sound Advertising has begun.

Become the architect of the sound RE-EVOLUTION

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