Rate card

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SoundsOfThings srl

SOT Rate Card

Date: ​​ [03/01/2021]













Composer fee

5% ​​ of the CPM fee

User fee

5% ​​ of the CPL fee


The CPM in SoundsOfThings (SoT) has a meaning significantly different from the purely digital CPM. In SoT, a user who visualizes and listens to a content during an active campaign (ie during the period in which a Sound Village is open) must be in the place where the Sound Village is located, a real place (a shop, a square, a cinema…) where physically present users view and listen to contents that can be viewed and listened only in that place; therefore in SoT , ​​ a unique phenomenon is realized in the social network scenario, where digital content and digital campaigns bring real traffic to real places.

In the same way, the lead generated during an active campaign comes from a user who, by visiting the place where there is an open Sound Village, accepts the invitation to bring in its content (a geolocalized Sound Emotion generated in that place) inside the ​​ Sound Village. By accepting the invitation, he also agrees to share his personal data with the owner of the village. The user thus also has the advantage of receiving a compensation equal to a % of the CPL generated by having accepted the invitation.

Both activities are done by users visiting the physical properties of the Brands and Companies and, being immersed in those real places, they act with a greater awareness than pure digital activities.