Pantent pending

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In 2020 and 2021 SoundsOfThings has filed two different patent. This what we have written in LinkedIn following the end of the filing process.

Soundsofthings has finally filed its first patent, reading the patent documentation submitted to the UIBM, it is incredible to see what we have done. An entirely new concept for a social network having a radical impact on communication and advertising sectors.
We believe that a new world is coming, from our small observatory new evidences emerge every day. Now its time to start giving to the ear its paramount role, so I’m leaving you with the nebulae music or the song of crickets orchestra , you decide.

Apparently, we can’t stand still. When you hear about a #searchengines today, immediately you know how it works: you type something and you read the output. It is all visual because when you type a word it becomes a tool for your eyes.

Now, is it possible to think to an audio search engine? I’m not talking about a Siri like approach (Siri, for search purposes, is simply a speech to text tool) but a way to have audio as input and provide as output audio information about what is inside that audio: places or surroundings, events, speeches, people up to even emotions and things like car engines and what car, what brand and model…

This would imply data + audio deep learning + an interface

I’m glad to announce that SoundsOfThings yesterday 27/01/2021 has filed its second patent: the SOundsOfthings Search Engine. SoT is not simply another #SocialMedia, SoT has been thought, designed and developed for a time not here yet but imminent, when the ear will take the place of the eye.