Nutella Cafe New York Partners with SoundsOfThings to Host Immersive Late Nite Bites Event, Bringing the Cafe Experience to Life through Sound

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Event Will Feature Live Performance by DJ Brittany Sky as Guests Savor Cafe Specialty Dishes

New York, NY, July 31, 2019 –Tonight, SoundsOfThings, a social network that describes the world and our experiences in it through sound, is hosting a unique Late Nite Bites event at Nutella Cafe New York.

The Late Night Bites event will take place from 9 p.m. – 10 p.m. on Wednesday, July 31 at Nutella Cafe New York, located at 116 University Place.  Space is limited and guests must RSVP in advance via the Facebook page located at

This special Late Nite Bites event will bring the beloved hazelnut spread and Cafe experience to life in a completely new way: through music and sound. It will feature a live performance by popular DJ Brittany Sky, who will incorporate the sounds of Nutella Cafe – including the sizzling of crepes, stirring of coffee and the sound of a Nutella® The Original Hazelnut Spreadjar opening – into a live mix using the SoundsOfThings app.

“SoundsOfThings is delighted to be part of this great event at Nutella Cafe New York, in a vibrant city full of sounds like no other city in the world,” said Germano Marano, CEO at SoundsOfThings.  “We think Nutella Cafe’s guests will be enthusiastic to discover the sound of Nutella – everything has its own specific sound, and Nutella has it too!”

“I cannot wait to explore and share the sounds of our Cafe with our community,” said Mattia Pes, Marketing Manager of Nutella Cafe.  “I am most excited for our devoted fan base to rediscover their favorite Nutella Cafe speciality dish in a new, multisensory way which heightens their experience through sound.”

For more information on Nutella Cafe New York including menu, location and hours of operation, follow along on Instagram and Facebook at @NutellaCafeNewYork. For more information on SoundsOfThings, visit its website at



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About Nutella®
Nutella® was created in 1964 thanks to Mr. Michele Ferrero; it was based on the recipe for Giandujot developed in 1946 by his father, Pietro Ferrero – confectioner and founder of Ferrero – in Italy’s Piedmont area. Nowadays, the popular hazelnut spread with cocoa is available in over 170 countries worldwide.


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