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We are used to recognizing things visually, but everything has a sound inside. SoundsOfThings (SoT) is the sound social network and an advertising platform.With AirPods voice assistants, podcasts and huge social trends like ASMR we are now in the age of sound where communication and advertising must change. Most of us will soon significantly reduce the time we spend watching our smartphone’s screen because we’ll talk with them and part of 100 Billions USD of visual social media spending will flow into audio advertising.
SoundsOfThings is the first sound social media in the world adopting a blockchain infrastructure to protect intellectual property, digital rights and payments for users and composers.


White Paper: A social media network for sound content that is turned into non- fungible tokens (NFTs) and traded on the blockchain. Download the whitepaper SoundsOfThings White Paper V1.0

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