5 valid reasons to invest in SoundsOfThings

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Over the past few years, funding requests, made by innovative startups, have been multiplied. Recent international statistics however, show that 45% of startups tend to fail after approximately, their first 3 years of life, with the percentage rising to 55%* after their first 5 years of life. Choosing the right startup on which to invest […]

Media agencies have to merge editorial and advertising content to fight back against consumer’s indifference

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The Italian advertising market has returned to growth in 2016 after years of contraction. According to the study conducted by the Internet Media Observatory of Milan Politecnico*, the overall advertising sector is worth 7.75 billion euros in 2016 and it registered a 4% growth compared to 2015, with online advertising, which is the second advertising […]

Why invest in a startup through equity crowdfunding

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  Before the financial crisis, people used to rely on their trusted bank to manage their savings and to direct them towards profitable investments with a guaranteed return. With the 2007-08 biennial bubble burst, many people began to manage their finances themselves, looking for alternative forms of investment. Equity crowdfunding is one of these new […]

SoundsOfThings: SoundOfthings’ fundraising campaign has started

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We are very excited to announce the launch of the very first SoundsOfThings equity crowd funding campaign, available on the Starsup portal. SoundsOfThings is an innovative startup, operating in the emotional marketing sector. The startup has created a disrupter communication tool, the Sound Emotion, through which consumers and brands will be facilitating their interaction through the merge of the visual impact of an image with the acoustic power of the sound. Living in a […]

Emotional marketing: the most effective way to reach consumers’ feelings

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Nowadays consumers are bombarded by all sorts of advertisements and spots that often fail to attract their attention. In fact consumers find that the vast majority of advertisements is intrusive, unoriginal, disturbing and detached and are actively taking steps to avoid brands which bombard them with poorly targeted marketing strategies. Consumers have raised a kind of […]