Why have we created SoundsOfThings (SoT)?

The idea of SoundsOfThings begins by our experience as users of social networks. We thought that words and images were too limited means of communication, therefore, we have created the Sound Emotion.

What is Sound Emotion (SE)?

The Sound Emotion is not merely an image or a sound, it is something more than both. It recalls our memories, tells about moments of the daily life: breakfast sounds, lipstick on the lips, a car ride … the SE involves more the one who creates it and also those who listen and see it, it is an extraordinary new way of communication for people and for the Brands and Companies as well.

What is SoT?

The Global Village where we can communicate with the Sound Emotions is SoundsOfThings.

SoundsOfThings is a social network where you can communicate with the Sound Emotions and it is also a marketing platform designed to provide to the companies the ability to tell about themselves and their products through the Sound Emotions; a SE can be used on TV, the radio or within a store.

SoundsOfThings (SoT) is an innovative startup with its headquarters in Merano in Via Scuderie, 7; SoT also has an office in London in 27 Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX, UK.

Have you tested the SE?

We have tested the Sound Emotion on Instagram and today we have more than 100,000 followers on our channel. One of our goals is to transfer part of this community to our social network immediately after the launch of the platform.

The SEs that you will find in our Instagram account have been created by our production team in the UK. Soon everyone will be able to create their own SEs using the official SoT app.

Who will use SoT?

All of us people as well as companies can use the Sound Emotions, to tell our stories through it.

Why do users want SoT?

SoT is a new way to communicate. It is less superficial than images, more engaging than videos and deeper than words. For the first time in the history of social networks, users will get paid from a post, from the creation of SEs (Paid User Generated Content).

Why do companies want SoT?

To communicate their products and services in a new and engaging way, as never before has been possible.

What is the SoT business model?

The service offered by SoT has no set up or activation costs for the clients, SoT will only earn based on the goals it can reach for its clients. SoT’s “performance” advertising has the following options:

Cost-per-thousand (CPM) campaigns: With CPM-based bid, the customer will pay according to the number of SE views that users will see within SoT during a specific campaign

Cost-per-acquisition campaigns (CPAs): With CPA-based bid, the customer will pay a fee for each user acquisition. The acquisition happens when the users enter into the Sound Village of a specific customer .Once there the user will have the opportunity to go over the contents and campaigns of that particular customer and at a later point they will be able to watch Tv advertisements. This is very important as it creates a closer and more confidential relationship between customers and users.

Cost-per-Lead Campaigns (CPLs): With a CPL-based bid, the client will pay a fee for each lead generated. The client will request the email and name of the user interested on a particular brand or product found in the platform. A lead can be generated when a user, listening to an SE will receive a push notification to participate to a specific initiative of the client, to which he will agree.

The SoT offer includes also content marketing and user generated content marketing tools.

When will SoT be available?

SoT’s application will be available in iOS and Google Play stores between the third and fourth quarters of 2018. The launch will take place in Italy and UK.

The SoundsOfThings platform includes several components: a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones, web portals (Sound Village and Composer Portals), an analytics portal designed for big data analysis and an application service to grant access to third party platform (API, Application Program Interface).

Why does SoT have competitive advantages over its competitors?

SoT’s main competitors are Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

Sharing experiences in writing form, videos and images is starting to get old and unoriginal for most social media users. SoundsOfThings Introduces a new generation content: the Sound Emotion (SE).

Facebook, is using WhatsApp to extract its users phone numbers to use for targeted ads. At the same time FB users keep sharing but create less and less contents**: SoundsOfThings is the first multi-channel social and marketing platform where users can simply get paid by sharing Sound Emotions.

Facebook users are likely to lose interest in the near future***: Users are looking for a new way to communicate and SoundsOfThings could be exactly what they are looking for since it proposes a new generation content as well as a sharing economy concept.

At the moment, there are no social or marketing platforms working online and offline with real-time data and APIs to get in touch with the users at the right time and to provide them with the information they need: SoundsOfThings is a marketing platform that works online and offline wherever there is sound and makes its data available in real time.

Companies and agencies look for new contents for their campaigns and cannot work in multi-channeling (digital world + real world): SoundsOfThings is an opportunity for Companies, Brands and Agencies: new content + triggers in every channel.

SoT has an intrinsic ethical value since it promotes a community based on the concept of ‘listening others”, in a global village: SoT is not only an opportunity for the B2B industry but also for government / financial / non-profit organisations interested in communicating their identity.



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***Https: //www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jan/22/facebook-princeton-researchers-infectious-disease

What experience does the SoT team have?

SoT has a team of 9 people located in Merano, Milan, Turin, London and Rome: engineers, managers and entrepreneurs with a solid international experience.

One of the shareholders is Skyres Srl which operates on an international level and collaborates with Harvard University.

Does SoT plan an expansion abroad?

SoT is a global business that will be launched in London and it is expected to expand in EMEA and USA.

Why invest in SoT?


The SoT team consists of managers and entrepreneurs with a solid international experience:

Germano Marano, CEO (Milan): an electronic engineer with 17 years of work experience, 8 of them in startup management. He has managed the Italian territory for Webtrends, Powa Technologies and Blippar.

Marco Morano, Executive Creative Director (London): is founder and creative partner of Hoxtonlab Ltd. He has more than 25 years of music experience and 10 years in media as a music and film producer.

Sergio Talente, CTO and CIO (Turin): More than 20 years of experience in ICT as a software project manager for B2B and B2C products and services in large companies (Cisalpina Tours, Altran Italia, Intesa) Today CTO and CIO in SoundsOfThings.

Salvatore Pinto, Advisor (Rome): With more than 30 years of C-level experience –in companies such as Tandem Computers, Olivetti, Pirelli, Telespazio, Finsiel, Axpo Italia. Founder @Skyres.

Rodolfo Pinto, Advisor and Business Developer Manager (Milan): International Experience in Investment and Startup Development @Skyres CEO, Kairos Society, Cola Messenger, AC Group, Bergamo Smart City.

Erica Mainini, Creative Director (London), Argir Ziovsky, Art Director (London),
Massimiliano Galanti, Senior Software Developer (Milan), Luca di Gregorio Community Manager (London)



SoundsOfThings introduces a new generation of content: the Sound Emotion (SE). This along with the Global Village where you can communicate by using the Sound Emotions makes the SoundsOfThings and for the first time in the history of social networks, users will be able to get paid thanks to the creation of SEs.



SoundsOfThings is a platform built of several components: a mobile app for iOS and Android smartphones, two web portal (Sound Village Portal and Composer Portal), an analytics portal dedicated to big data analysis and application services for accessing third party platform (API, Application Program Interface).



SoundsOfThings has a partnership with Ernst Young UK, a world leader in professional auditing and accounting services, taxation, transaction and management consultancy.



The advertising market has a value of $573 billion in 2017, with growth rate of 5% per year. The European market has a value of $100 billion in 2017 and an estimated growth of up to $106 billion by 2020.

How does SoT intend to spend funds?

The funds raised will be used to speed up the application and the platform development, to grow the community and to launch the first SoT campaign with a company interested in applying it.

What will the return of investment be for those who invest in SoT?

In addition to becoming a shareholder of an innovative international company with the benefit coming from the business development, investors can also benefit from a 30% tax relief of the capital invested in Italy.

Taking into consideration the highly innovative nature and the economic value of the content (the Sound Emotion),the technology and business model developed by SoT, the exit opportunities are many such a listing in the stock exchange market, a transfer or merger with large industrial players.

Why do we think we will succeed?


  • The global village and the sound global village, where sound is stronger than a picture is a simple but revolutionary concept
  • Today, the Sound Emotion is the most engaging content available on the market
  • The business model is solid and it runs seamless online and offline. It is unique in the digital marketing and marketing sectors and introduces for the first time the paid user generated content
  • We have a passionate and dedicated team of experts in each department