Why have we created SoundsOfThings (SoT)?

The idea of SoundsOfThings begins by our experience as users of social networks. We thought that words and images were too limited means of communication, therefore, we have created the Sound Emotion.

What is Sound Emotion (SE)?

The Sound Emotion is not merely an image or a sound, it is something more than both. It recalls our memories, tells about moments of the daily life: breakfast sounds, lipstick on the lips, a car ride … the SE involves more the one who creates it and also those who listen and see it, it is an extraordinary new way of communication for people and for the Brands and Companies as well.

What is SoT?

SoundsOfThings is the Global Village where we can communicate with the Sound Emotions.

SoundsOfThings is a social network where you can communicate with the Sound Emotions and it is also a marketing platform designed to provide to the companies the ability to tell about themselves and their products through the Sound Emotions; a SE can be used on TV, the radio or within a store.

Who will use SoT?

All of us people as well as companies can use the Sound Emotions, to tell our stories through it.

Why do users want SoT?

SoT is a new way to communicate. It is less superficial than images, more engaging than videos and deeper than words. For the first time in the history of social networks, users will get paid from a post, from the creation of SEs (Paid User Generated Content).

Why do companies want SoT?

To communicate their products and services in a new and engaging way, as never before has been possible.