Are you a musician, a deejay, a composer or do you enjoy creating sounds?

Do you love music or sounds in general?

The Composer Portal is the place where you can put your creativity and your talent to good use!

Enter the Composer and let everyone discover your creations:

  • the sounds
  • the music
  • the noises

Every time one of your sound tracks is used, you will earn with SoundsOfThings!

How can you start?

  1. Download the SoT app
  2. Use your credentials to sign up to the Composer Portal
  3. Wait for confirmation by e-mail


And now you're ready!

Create Mood and Environment tracks and upload it to the Composer Portal.

Whenever your tracks are used within the Sound Emotions you will earn with SoundsOfThings



Express your talent and your art

and become the creator of Sound RE-EVOLUTION!

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