Another audio app with invisible innovation

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I read this and I think, is this happening? “Callin, David Sacks’ ‘social podcasting’ app, launches and announces a $12M Series A round”. For me, after Speaker, which I personally use for podcasting, where is the innovation? It is not enough to add the word ‘social’ to ‘podcast’ to innovate. We have already seen #clubhouse, or […]

The kingdom is among you but we don’t ear it yet

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Slack launches Huddles, Discord-like audio calls you can hop in and out of” Can you see (or better ear) it: #podcasts (if you’ve never listened one, start today) #Clubhouse (the Zoom without video with no business model and barely an app with more 100M USD funds and evaluated 1B$) #Facebook (introducing rooms, podcast, soundbite) #voiceassistants (now also […]

How can we try to discover the unknown 95% of the universe starting from SoundsOfThings?

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“The visible universe—including Earth, the sun, other stars, and galaxies—is made of protons, neutrons, and electrons bundled together into atoms. Perhaps one of the most surprising discoveries of the 20th century was that this ordinary, or baryonic, matter makes up less than 5 percent of the mass of the universe.” Try to read this […]

We don’t want to solve problems…

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When you create a Startup, it always happens you have to answer to the following question: what problem are you solving? Is this the right question? Does an innovative company solve problems? If I have a blocked pipe the plumber will solve the problem, if you have a flat tire the tire dealer will solve […]

This Sound Emotion was made with AirPods

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I’ve seen several time advertising like this: “this photo was taken with an iPhone”. How important is it, for those who sell AirPods to have a #SoundSocial? Maybe in the future well’ll see or ear an adv like this: “This Sound Emotion was made with AirPods”. #Soundsofthings with its #SoundEmotions and #SoundVillages is the Sound […]

Social Media: the age of sound.

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SoundsOfThings was born in 2016, the first audio social media. Clubhouse was born in 2020, is it a star or a meteor? Facebook has important news regarding audio content!? The age of the ear started a long time ago but it seems that only today the fight is starting to get more intense, et’s try […]

SoundsOfThings vs ClubHouse

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Probably this challenge is about Sound Communication VS streaming voice chat room. Recently I receive the following kind of feedback about SoundsOfThigns: what is the difference with Clubhouse, the new rising social media based on audio? I instinctively thought of rugby clubhouses, places full of stories and testosterone but later, I’ve found a lot of […]

Pantent pending

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In 2020 and 2021 SoundsOfThings has filed two different patent. This what we have written in LinkedIn following the end of the filing process. 19/11/2020 Soundsofthings has finally filed its first patent, reading the patent documentation submitted to the UIBM, it is incredible to see what we have done. An entirely new concept for a […]

An impossible business

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This is what they said to me 3 years ago “You are working to an impossible business ”; they who? A lot of ‘they’. I’ve been thinking about the global village from 17 years, we have started to work with the other founders to the global sound village in 2015. This business simply is going […]

SoundsOfThings official launch

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I remember in 2016 when I’ve shared my presentation to a partner and in this presentation I’ve reported a piece by the Guardian “Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017” The investor  replied to me asking to remove this reference to the Guardian article because “it will compromise your credibility with investors”. Actually he was right […]