Another audio app with invisible innovation

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I read this and I think, is this happening?

“Callin, David Sacks’ ‘social podcasting’ app, launches and announces a $12M Series A round”.

For me, after Speaker, which I personally use for podcasting, where is the innovation? It is not enough to add the word ‘social’ to ‘podcast’ to innovate.

We have already seen #clubhouse, or so-called the zoom without video, born with 12M$ in his pocket, with just the iOS app and no business model and here we are again: Callin raising 12M$ with just an iOS app and no business model, a podcasting app plus the social word.

Is this a standard? I mean 12M$ for an in iOS app, and for 10 iOS app with Audio/Podcast in the name how much is it?

Now that Clubhouse has an android app, on Google play store I can read “Clubhouse: The Social Audio App”, and I think we in SoundsOfThings srl should patent the ‘audio/sound social’ locution. #Soundsofthings is the sound social and only in Soundsofthings I, who am super partes, say that there is real innovation using the sound in a new social paradigm.

David O. Sacks #AxelEricsson first of all congratulation, but I have a rhetorical question for investors, @Sequoia, #Goldcrest and #Craft #Ventures for #callin, and Andreessen Horowitz for #Clubhouse is this a joke? I’m sure this is not a joke and now I can’t laugh even because I didn’t raise 12 M$.

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