An impossible business

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This is what they said to me 3 years ago “You are working to an impossible business ”; they who? A lot of ‘they’.

I’ve been thinking about the global village from 17 years, we have started to work with the other founders to the global sound village in 2015. This business simply is going to happen, the real question is: will SoundsOfThings be the first to make it happen?

In 2016 I’ve sent a presentation to an investor and, in this presentation I’ve reported an article by the Guardian: “Facebook will lose 80% of users by 2017”. The investor replied to me, he was kind in his way, inviting me to remove any reference to the Guardian piece because the content was no credible and so “you may appear not credible”. 

After 3 years Facebook didn’t lose 80%  of their users (as foreseen by the Guardian)  but maybe they are losing several other things:

  1. appeal? to the new generation and it is becoming a generalist media; advertisers now prefers Instagram and the very young generation are on Tik Tok.
  2. credibility?
  3. money?

But Facebook is not the point, what is happening today is described partially in this article  “Can a brand create a ‘sonic identity’ from light bulbs?” , it seems I wrote this BBC article; this is exactly what we have been doing from almost 3 years now. In SoundsOfThings there is much more than the Sound Advertising: when people will stop watching the screen of their smartphones because all of us will talk to them (very very soon, maybe you have already Amazon Echo in your house) the visual advertising will die and SoundsOfThings may rise. The entire ‘red’ part of the following graph may fall to the Audio/Sound advertising:

The SoT app is in the stores for the Italian and UK markets now, the Sound Village Portaland Composer Portalare live, and we had an incredible Italian Launch with Eni gas e luce as first commercial partner and Mario Fargetta (very famous DJ in Italy working in Radio DJ with more than 8M listener every day) and Juliana Moreira (very famous Show Girl in Italy, influencer with 700K followers in the social networks ) as ambassadors and testimonials. We have also another client subscribing our business portal (the Sound Village Portal), this is Pardgroup spa a multinational company operating in the field retail marketing. Here some press release in Italian for the moment:


All this was done with founders’ personal funds and it was the perfect test before the international launch. SoT has the DNA of the imminent social revolution, and when I write ‘social’ I don’t mean only Social Media. What we need now is a professional in the field of fundraising able to support SoT  financially (directly or indirectly), with his passion, international network and experience; a Business Angel, a real one and not a greedy reader of startup manuals with “what is the problem you are going to solve”as the first bullet of his cardboard gun.

We don’t change the world, the world is changing by itself, we humbly have positioned SoT along the path of epochal change where, after thousands of years the ear will take the place of the eye.