SoundOfThings is the sound of CHANGE

A revolutionary platform conceived and developed to create a major change in the use of communication by users and companies.

The content is SOUND.

SoundOfThings is the first social network that disintermediates the word and chooses to no longer base itself on the visual use of our way of communicating and sharing experiences.

We start from a different view: rather than see the world, we have to listen to it. Listening puts us in a fascinating relationship precisely because of the physical nature of the sound itself, which travels in all directions. Communication based on sound places us in a relational state that plays more on our emotions, amplifying our sense of community.

Each thing has a sound within, whether real or generated by one’s own creativity.

In a society that has a one-track mind for sight—creating a distorted reality and constant background noise—it’s essential to bring back the culture of sound and of listening. We of SoundOfThings would like to tell about the world and the experiences of individuals through sound.

We would like to do our part in innovating reality, bringing positive value to communication through creativity, the beauty of sounds, and listening.

SoundOfThings is a real genuine environment, not a mere tool to connect individuals with reality; it is a platform where you can experiment the real and breathe life into social relations based on the experience of sound.

It is a medium taken as an extension and an enhancement of human abilities.

Starting from the social network SoundOfThings, we would like to spark a change that for the first time shifts into the real world as well, thanks to its dual nature: online and off-line. From the digital environment, the user will in fact be invited take possession of the physical world (thanks to the geo-localization of his or her sound) to tell about a place or an experience using SoundOfThings to express oneself creatively.

The cultural change that we aspire to is grand: to get people to change a deep-rooted attitude linked to the cult of the image and the word, to instead express their creativity through sound, the more primordial sense of the human being.

Two are the main assets of SoundOfThings: Sound Emotion and the Sound Village.

  • Sound Emotion is the content created by users to express themselves through sound and generated thanks to the application. It is the tale of a place, an experience, a situation, or an emotion.
  • The Sound Village is the meeting place, a village where people get the chance to share experiences and emotions. Not just online, but off-line, too!

SoundOfThings also becomes the ideal platform for advertising. Companies that have told everything about themselves through words, images, and logos, finally get the opportunity to communicate in a truly distinctive way, making the sound of their brand heard, thus amplifying the transmission of the messages and the creativity. The first social network that lets you communicate both online and off-line; creating an indissoluble relationship between digital content and real experience of the brand is possible.

With SoundOfThings a new way of communicating has begun: